VALE Adrian Studley

Some memories of Adrian and the TSPA at the time of Adrian’s captaincy.

Adrian Studley was Captain of the Thredbo Ski Patrol in the early 70’s. He maintained high standards and his patrollers responded to his leadership. A wonderful skier, he was a proud holder of a Golden Eagle Badge – an honour for an elite group of skiers who successfully skied a near vertical course off Northcott within a prescribed time (wearing leather boots and skis to match).

A very good akja runner and instructor, he was first to really test out a trainee by pushing from the back of the akja; in later years I was accused of inventing this trick, however I had learnt from a master. Incidentally it took me two years as a trainee to meet Adrian’s high standards.

I was proud to be our first vice captain working with Adrian. The patrol office was about the size of two ‘phone boxes in a portable hut shared with the ski school. No ski lockers or heated drying room in those days and only a very basic dormitory in Valley Terminal. Subsequently the office building was picked up and transported up to Merritts where it found a new use.

Communication on the mountain at that time consisted of the lift ‘phones; injured skiers either waited for a patroller to see them or for someone to ski to a lift station to report the problem. One summer we acquired a couple of surplus army field ‘phones and numerous rolls of cable. The plan was to have a link with a ‘phone in box attached to a stake near the top of Little Beauty to another at Top Station. We laboured through wild territory to lay the cable and we were rather pleased with the result. One small problem had been overlooked…….snow creep! Shortly after the first decent snow fall the cable failed and the link was lost. Radios would be the only solution and we eventually gained our first radios.

Patrollers will know of Studley’s Rock. It was named in memory of Adrian’s son David, a fine skier and potential Olympian, who tragically lost his life in a motor vehicle crash on the Jindabyne – Cooma road.

Peter Jeffery (PJ)
Thredbo Life Member
ASPA Life Member

A man of valour and great personality. For the information of our younger Patrollers, Adrian was our first Captain, and a very good one. He had a sheep farm nearby, which allowed him considerable mobility. As he was very conscientious he hardly ever missed a weekend, and not many weekdays either.

Apart from being a sheep farmer, he was an excellent shot – a Queens shot I believe. We spent some time together, shooting rabbits on his land. He was an excellent skier and a good first aider. We knew if Adrian came close to our area, because people started getting accidents, adding to his daily tally.

Freuden George OAM

Adrian was the 1st official Captain of TSPA since its inauguration as an association on 5th October 1968 and served in that capacity for 10 years or so – however for a lot longer when you consider that Adrian alongside Tommy was a foundation member since 1957.

It seems that Adrian was not ill, he went horse riding just the day before, and simply died in his sleep. Not a bad way to go.

Luckily I had the opportunity for a lengthy chat with Adrian at last year’s THS mid-winter dinner, and I regret that I did not get the opportunity to see more of him over the last few years. As Captain he was always open minded, to the point, fair & practical and a great mentor to younger patrollers. Adrian will be sorely missed.

Adrian’s funeral is to be held at Moonbah church on the Barry Way Jindabyne, on Monday 15th [April 2013] at 12 noon.

Jerry Krejzar