After traineeship

Congratulations! You are now a part of one of the most important groups of people working on a ski hill.

As a probationary patroller you are now a fully responsible patroller, with all the knowledge and skills you need to perform your duty responsibly and correctly, according to guidelines and working practices. You are in uniform and are no different from a patroller who has been on the hill for 20 years.

You are able to respond to accidents and help out snow users where any assistance is required. This is a big responsibility and the very reason why we have a probationary period. This is a period for you to consolidate all of your learning, put it in to practice and learn more.

Becoming a Registered Patroller

As a registered patroller you can now take part in the growth of the organisation as a whole.

Remember though once you are a Probationary or Registered Patroller that the training never stops. In this environment there is always something new, and with so many people around you with a huge amount of collective experience you are guaranteed to learn something new every day. You are also required to keep your medical certifications up to date by taking the ASPA course every 3 years, a recertification of your Akja test and CPR every year.