How we use Donations and Sponsorship

The Patrol has significant equipment needs in high cost items such as sleds, radios, skidoos, resuscitation equipment and splints. In addition to these, the Ski Patrol adheres to strict health protocols which require the use of single use, sterile bandages and equipment which means that assistance provided has significant cost associated with it.

The cost of this equipment is met by kind and generous donations and sponsorship from members of the public, lodges and ski clubs, and corporations. Because of this we think it’s necessary to tell you how we spend this money each year.

Donations are used in the following manner:

  • new snowmobiles and radios
  • new defibrillations machines
  • normal & lightweight Akjas for rescues performed in the boundary regions of Thredbo.
  • Updating and re-supply of the medical equipment.