What does the Patrol do?

Early mornings while skiers and boarders are eating breakfast, the Patrol is out checking every run at Thredbo for safety. Signs are placed to warn skiers and boarders of dangers and to help them find the best runs for their ability. Fences and ropes are used to close dangerous areas such as creeks and marker poles are used around rocks and cornices to show where extra care should be taken. Throughout the day the Patrol continuously checks the safety of the mountain and the runs, repositions safety fences and markers, performs speed control and provides first aid where required to make skiing and boarding in Thredbo a safer and more enjoyable experience.

Provision of first aid and transportation of injured skiers to the Medical Centre is the highest priority. There are always patrollers positioned on the mountain to quickly respond to these needs. In addition to these activities patrollers are often involved in areas of training, replacement and maintenance of rescue equipment, planning and public relations.