Thredbo Ski Patrol Association (TSPA), provides a range of services including accident prevention, skier and snowboard safety and excellent first aid, including patient transportation to the Thredbo Medical Centre. Through the Medical Centre there are links with local and interstate hospitals and helicopter transport. Rescue activities provided by the Ski Patrol within the ski area are provided without charge due to the voluntary nature of the organisation.

TSPA is a community based volunteer association that works in full cooperation with the Thredbo Resort’s own group of full time Ski Patrollers. TSPA is a fully independent Association setting high training standards and maintaining these standards through a re-certification system for its volunteer members. The patrol provides services within the resort but is also available to assist the NSW Police and National Parks and Wildlife Services in search and rescue outside the resort boundaries whenever required.

TSPA provides its own specialist medical and first aid equipment, such as sleds, radios, skidoos, resuscitation equipment and splints, the cost of which is met by contributions from various generous sponsors and donations. Usually TSPA needs to supplement its funding through other revenue generating activities such as raffles for which prizes are sought from supporters and friends of the patrol. TSPA adheres to strict health protocols which require the use of single use, sterile bandages and equipment which means that assistance provided has significant cost associated with it.

With increasing compliance costs and the increasing cost of first aid supplies (bandages, oxygen and entonox in particular), TSPA is under mounting pressure to raise more funds in order to continue providing its excellent levels of service to Thredbo’s skiers, boarders, visitors and the community in general.

Why sponsor?

“We like it!!!!” – that’s how the saying goes. Every donation helps: from buying one of our annual raffle tickets to being a corporate or gold sponsor. All the money goes directly to making Thredbo a safer and more enjoyable mountain for all to enjoy.  You donate and we put it all back into the safety of the mountain.