Get the 4 minute Ski fit workout!

The great folks at Altitude Physio have provided their new Tabata style work out to help you get fit for the upcoming ski season.


You can download a PDF of the sessions Ski-Fit Modified Tabata Repeats_FA and watch each of the accompanying videos on YouTube.

This is a great ski-fit program for fit folk keen to be ready for a great week in the Australian ski-fields. Less downtime, more playtime. Take care with any new exercise regime.

20 sec of exercise, 10 sec rest, repeated 8 times. Not at 100% intensity, so not a true Tabata workout – but a super effective ski-fit program. Repeat 3 to 4 times in a row, 3 x weekly.

Level 1: Efficient introduction to ski-fit

Level 2: Building it up.

Level 3:

Do Level 1 and 2 first!