2013 Thredbo Ski Patrol Raffle Winners

Here are the winners of the prizes graciously donated to our annual raffle.

Congratulations to:

1st prize:  Aspen Snowmass Ski Vacation

Winner (ticket 1613):  Susie Martin, ticket sold by David O’Dowd


2nd prize:  Thredbo All Season Adventure Package – 2 x 365 passes

Winner (ticket 986):  Daniel Haslop, ticket sold by Suzy Ebeling


3rd prize – Larry Adler Marmot Shopping Spree

Winner (ticket 215):  Andrew Hoffman, ticket sold by Adrien Oeding


4th prize:  Rossignol Ski Package

Winner (ticket 5543):  Stevan Vrcelj, ticket sold by Amelia Burns


5th prize:  Icebreaker Winter Woollens

Winner (ticket 2376):  Daniel Park, ticket sold by David Varnes


6th prize:  GTrek2

Winner (ticket 769):  Tony Prochaska,  ticket sold by Ross Carty

To claim your prize, please contact [email protected]